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Submission Checklist

Submission Checklist Details

Before submitting your manuscript to Current Environment, these steps must be followed, otherwise your manuscript will be returned. Steps are-

  • Check the journal’s aims and scopes.
  • Check the spelling of author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s).
  • Mention the article type on the left top of manuscript.
  • Download our manuscript template (PDF or Doc) to prepare your manuscript.
  • Download the authors submission form (PDF or Doc) and submit it with manuscript.
  • Read the journal’s all policies and instructions before submission.
  • Check the email address of corresponding author in the manuscript.
  • As possible, use institutional email address as corresponding email.
  • Check tables, figures and citations again before submission.
  • If you agree with this journal’s policies, you can submit now.

If you prepare your manuscript in accordance with the journal’s style and fill up the authors submission form sincerely, you are almost ready to make submission your manuscript to this journal. Manuscript without the author submission form will not be handled.