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About the journal

About the journal

Current Environment

Current Environment is an international, open access peer reviewed research journal, which is open for all branches of Environmental sciences. Currently, this journal is published one issue annually with sole aim of rapid dissemination of scientific knowledge among scientists and other academics across the world. However, number of issues will be based on articles load and issues number per year will be reviewed by editorial committee when needed. This journal encourages noble and innovative findings although it may accept some basic or fundamental findings based on scientific significances. Each year we receive huge number of articles, but only the quality articles, based on scientific merits, are forwarded by editorial board for publications.


Annual (1 issue per year).

Manuscript Types

Current Environment publishes following four types of works-

1. Original Research Article: Covering own research works of authors with scientific excellence.

2. Review Article: Review on concurrent issue or issues by focusing on a particular question.

3. Short Communication: Manuscript on important, interesting and novel findings.

4. Case report: Report on case study from any branch of Science and Technology.

Note: Current Environment does not follow page and word limit and recommend manuscripts with concise presentation. For more information please see our author section.

Aims and Scopes

Current Environment covers almost all the fields of plant sciences as well as the ecosystem research including photosynthetic organisms as model species. However, this journal publishes findings from the following fields.

  • Climate change studies
  • Ecosystem and biodiversity
  • Environmental pollution
  • Environmental prediction
  • Environmental microbiology
  • Environmental management
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Environmental risk studies
  • Environmental recycling
  • Marine environments
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Ecology, wildlife and forests
  • Natural resources management
  • Toxicology and radiation effects
  • Green technology, and so on...

Note: It also considers few exceptional articles from other fields of biosciences strongly focusing on plants or plant parts as part of the research.

Editorial Team Selection

The Editorial Team of Current Environment is consisted of Editor-in-Chief, Executive Editor, Advisory Editorial Members and Editorial Members. The appointment term of each member is 3 years. To support the team, we have Managing Editor and Editorial Assistant who assist each manuscript from submissions reception to online availability. The publisher generally invites applications for joining as Editorial team members once in 3 years. The existing editorial team/ any member of the team can be tenured. The member selection criteria include expertise in the field of interest, Google Scholar's H-index and previous relevant experiences. Editor-in-Chief must have any previous relevant experiences as an editorial member of at least 2 years, and he/she must be an active Professor in any reputed University. In case of other editorial members, they must have doctorate degree or more than five years of research experiences in the relevant field. We ensure geographical balance and a wide range of expertise while selecting members for editorial team.

Maintenance Costs

Current Environment is a one of the journals publishes by BSE PRESS. Thus it’s all associated costs are the responsibility of the publisher. The publisher will collect some funds to supports the costs by charging APC (Article Processing Charge) of the accepted article.