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Crossmark Policy

The journal follow the Crossmark policies, mentioned by Crossref organization, to give audience(s) immediate access to know the current status of the content of an published record. Current status means any corrections, retractions, or updates of the published record. These would be minor or/and major changes in the content of the published record. For example, key publication dates (publication history), authors’ ORCID iDs, content type, plagiarism screening status, spelling and information about funding, license, peer review, and location of research data, etc.

To know about the minor and major changes in details, read the following information

Minor changes: It includes correcting, formatting, spelling and also the version of the content. These changes are not substantive and as reader(s) you can see the Crossmark status is current, because the information don’t mislead the interpretation of the published work, after clicking the croassmark button.

Major changes: It includes error(s), the addition or removal of author(s) in the published record. The changes are considered as substantive, thus reader(s) should know the updates and before modification records. Hower, after clicking the crossmark button, as reader(s) you can see the notice of correction or retraction with its own DOI, that allows you to find further details about the update.

To know more about crossmark update status in a published record, follow Crossmark page.