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First Report of Seaweeds from Kuakata Coastline of Bangladesh with Morphology, Chlorophyll Contents and Biochemical Analysis

Riyad Hossen, Irani Khatun, Dipalok Karmaker, Shaswati Chakraborty

Department of Botany, University of Barishal, Barishal-8254, Bangladesh


Article History

Received: 11 January 2022, Revised: 01 April 2022, Accepted: 09 April 2022, Published online: 16 April 2022


Seaweeds are very common marine food sources in many Asian countries for consuming and trading due to their nutritional values. Bangladesh has almost 710 km long coastline, although seaweeds exploration from this area is not completed yet. Kuakata coastline is located in southeastern part of this country with great economic importance; however, there have not been found any previous report on seaweeds. This study identified two intertidal seaweeds from this area and performed analysis in their morphological and chemical aspects. The seaweed Enteromorpha compressa has morphologically larger, and multicellular unbranched thallus of 4 cm long. It has comparatively lower amounts of total chlorophyll (1.80 mg/g), and higher level of carbohydrates (25.56 %) and moisture contents (9.46 %). Another one, Ulothrix flacca is unbranched filamentous algae with highest amounts of total chlorophyll (2.189mg/g), proteins (11.76 %) and lipids (5.52 %). This is the first report on seaweeds of Kuakata coastline, and first repot on Ulothrix flacca from Bangladesh. The results will be helpful in food science, ecology and evolutionary biology of seaweeds.


Macroalgae, Proline extraction, Carbohydrate contents, Ulothrix flacca, Intertidal algae.

Corresponding Author

Riyad Hossen


Conflict of Interest

The research was a self-funded research, that means the all costs to complete the research was supported equally by all authors, thus the authors declared that they have no any means of interests with others about this article.


The authors express their heartfelt gratitude to the local people of Kuakata of Bangladesh for their co-operation in sample collections. The authors also thankful to the researchers and staffs of the Department of Botany, University of Barishal for their kind co-operation throughout the research works.

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Hossen R, khatun I, Chakraborty S, Karmaker D. First report of seaweeds from Kuakata coastline of Bangladesh with morphology, chlorophyll contents and biochemical analysis. Plants and Ecosystem. 2022;2:8-12.