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Performance Test of Three Supporting Media during Outdoor Hydroponic Farming of Onion

Irani Khatun, Ishita Haider, Subroto K Das, Riyad Hossen

Department of Botany, University of Barishal, Barishal-8254, Bangladesh


Article History

Received: 10 July 2021, Revised: 23 August 2021, Accepted: 30 August 2021, Published: 10 October 2021


This study used different supporting media (polystyrene sheet, sand, and gravel) during outdoor hydroponic farming of onion within a natural environment setup. Domestic onion variety Taherpuri was taken as a model onion plant. As for performance parameters, plant height, number and length of leaf, length of root, bulb weight, number of bulblet, and chlorophyll contents were recorded. The number of produced leaves was almost same, although the length of leaf and root was found to have variations in these three supporting media. The yield (weight of bulb and number of bulblet) performance was slightly higher in polystyrene sheets (7.74 g and 3 bulblets per plant) than in the others. Chlorophyll-a, Chlorophyll-b, and total chlorophylls were comparatively higher in polystyrene sheets, 0.530, 0.764, and 1.294 mg/g respectively. Other growth parameters also showed better results in the case of polystyrene sheets. Finally, the results suggested that the polystyrene sheet as a hydroponic floating bed is suitable for outdoor hydroponics for onion cultivation.


Onion, Hydroponics, Alternative farming, Taherpuri

Corresponding Author

Riyad Hossen


Conflict of Interest

There is no conflict of interest.


This study was a part of master's thesis of Irani Khatun financially supported by the Ministry of Science and technology of Bangladesh.

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Khatun I, Haider I, Das SK, Hossen R. Performance test of three supporting media during outdoor hydroponic farming of onion. Plants and Ecosystem. 2021;1:3-8.