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Premier Issue of Current Environment: Its Expectations and Outcomes

Md. Omar Sharif

Regulatory Affairs, Intrinsik Corp, Ontario, Canada
Journal Role: Guest Editor, Current Environment


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Received: 25 March 2022, Published online: 16 April 2022

Dear readers, please accept our heartfelt gratitude for choosing the journal 'Current Environment' for your scientific endeavor. We are launching this premier with four full articles along with one editorial note which are very interesting to read. In total 15 authors have engaged with our first issue. As per the scope of this journal, we received several articles covering a few research areas. It was expected by the editorial team that the first issue would publish at least 8 to 10 articles covering con-current environmental issues, but finally we could only select the published articles as fulfilling our journal's criteria.
The editorial of that issue provides information on how the aquatic lives responded to changing environments(1). The primary producer, photosynthetic microorganisms, could be impacted by their life cycle if the environment-changing parameters would fluctuate. Another research article provided information on how these tiny organisms and how their community composition will be altered at lower pH (acidic environment) concentrations. Additionally, the author showed the variable environments that affect the cell morphology and overall growth of the experimented phytoplankton species (2). The interesting finding was that, the different group of those model species shows different responses with the different pH concentrations. Bariet al. reviewed literatures on zooplankton in freshwater bodies, how they respond to water pollution (3). They mentioned these tiny organisms are very significant during energy flow to primary producers to tertiary organisms, and the toxins of phytoplankton can harshly impact the life style of zooplankton during extreme environments.
The two other articles are on water physico-chemical properties analysis. Hasan et al. reported the water physico-chemical characteristics from several freshwater reservoirs of Barishal City. They found that the water quality is in good conditions, however emphasized the need for monitoring to hold the conditions same condition for a long time (4). Nasrin and Begum showed the water reservoirs within Barishal University campus as well as the nearby area of the campus hold all the physico-chemical parameters aligned with the standard range(5).
As a premier issue, these quality articles inspire us to strive for achieving publishing excellence. All of these articles were from prominent researchers, who were very happy to share their knowledge and kept faith in us from the beginning. We received many other articles and had to return the rest articles for not falling under our journal's scope. However, all the articles went through a double-blind peer-review process before accepting by specific editors. To maintain a high standard, we didn't publish any article that mislead the readers about the journal's aim, scope and quality.
In conclusion, this journal premier exceeded our expectations. The reviewers supported us by giving the review results within time. We tried our best to publish articles with zero errors in the journal Current Environment, and we hope to publish more interesting articles without standing findings from the next.

Corresponding Author

Md. Omar Sharif



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