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Assessment of Physico-chemical Properties of Different Water Reservoirs of Barishal City, Bangladesh

Md. Mahadiy Hasan, Md. Ashikur Rahman Laskar, Md. Tahidul Islam, Tania Sultana

Department of Botany, University of Barishal, Barishal-8254, Bangladesh


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Received: 10 October 2021, Revised: 23 October 2021, Accepted: 24 October 2021, Published online: 24 October 2021


There are many man-made water reservoirs found in Barishal City. This study was aimed to assess the existing condition of physico-chemical properties of four different water reservoirs, namely Bibir Pukur (pond), Amtola Lake, Choumatha Lake and City Corporation Pond of Barishal City of Bangladesh. To evaluate the physico-chemical properties, the average of the parameters such as water temperature, total dissolved solids, electric conductivity (EC), pH, salinity, as well as depth, color, and transparency of water were analyzed. The highest average water temperature was found in the City Corporation Pond, which determined as 31.77±0.09 °C. Electric conductivity (ms/cm) and total dissolved solids (ppm) of Amtola Lake were 0.413±0.009 and 199±1.15. The highest average pH 7.88±0.01 and lowest salinity 140±1.73 were found in City Corporation Pond and Choumatha Lake respectively. The water depth of Bibir Pukur was 260.33±13.98 cm which is the highest among the four water reservoirs. The highest values of dissolved oxygen and phosphate were 2.03±0.12 mg/l and 294.12±3.92 µg/l.


Barishal City, Physico-chemical, properties, Man-made reservoirs, Water.

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Tania Sultana


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No conflict of interest.


I am thankful to my colleague Riyad Hossen, lecturer, Department of Botany, University of Barishal for his very cordial cooperation. I am also thankful to my students who help in my work.

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Hasan MM, Laskar MAR, Islam MT, Sultana T. Assessment of physico-chemical properties of different water reservoirs of Barishal City, Bangladesh. Current Environment. 2021;1:15-20.